2011/2012 – The Pacific

I’ve been living and working in Oahu, Hawaii, for a little over a year now! It’s been really interesting developing the completely different physiognomies of the Polynesian and Asian peoples around me here – took me six months to “get it right” with the clay and watercolors while also working full-time in another field! Just recently I “branched out” into acrylic painting on laquerware plates and trays, small furniture, and other items. I’m teaching clay classes as always, and firing in a lovely little Cress kiln I was given in Kailua. Please follow me on FaceBook, A. Thody Arts page, for more progress pictures, to see my “studio”, and other news… a few more months and then back to the Caribbean at New Year.

Much of the work on this page will be shown at

Gallery on The Pali, Honolulu,

from 2-28 Dec,

Please come by and view –